Insulin Pump Management

Insulin Pump is a device that automatically balances blood glucose levels by giving suitable doses of insulin when needed. It imitates the function of the pancreas and reduces the risk of late or early insulin dose. It is more precise than a continuous glucose monitoring device.

How An Insulin Pump Works 

The reservoir stores the insulin in this device and travels into the patient’s body through a cannula tube. Its insertion is right under the skin. 

The device offers more accurate control of blood glucose, reduces the risk of hypoglycemia and glycemic variability. There is no human involvement thus, no risk of forgetting to take the dose or taking large doses by mistake. This device ensures best treatment regardless. 

A Doctor You Can Trust

We cater to top companies offering these devices to provide authentic and valid results.

We strive to give the best to our patients. Sometimes because of tight schedules and busy appointments, patients miss their glucose checks. Our insulin pump management service provides numerous benefits including:

  • Design or modify insulin and medication program
  • Keeping record of monitoring and analysis
  • Use of pump with fitness or sports activities
  • Enhancing the ratios of insulin-carbohydrates
  • Relevant diabetes education for self-management
  • A follow-up plan along with the written instructions

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