We advise you to cancel your appointment 24 hours before your appointment time. It enables us to get compensation time for other patients on the waiting list.
We accept insurance with proper documents. Thus, we accept your referrals if your insurance company asks for them.
For prescription refills, we would advise you not to wait till the last minute. Get your prescription refill when your medications are at least 80% completed. We are happy to serve you every day except on the weekends. If you are a regular patient, you do not have to consult the doctor. If you are coming at least three months later, you need to consult the doctor before refilling.
You have to ask your pharmacy to contact us for a refill, and we will send a refill electronically.
It is the responsibility of the primary care physician. We do not deal with completing the paperwork.
Our patients are our utmost priority. Each patient receives individual attention and after-care if required.
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