Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Continuous glucose monitoring device checks and examines the blood glucose levels at regular intervals during the day. It can work during the day and night to optimize glucose levels throughout twenty-four hours. The precision of the machine is as low as five minutes.

How CGM Works

You have to insert a small wire underneath the skin using an automatic applicator. It comes with an adhesive patch to hold the CGM meter in place. It enables you to measure glucose levels during the day and night. 

The sensor wire has a connection with a reusable, small transmitter to send the data. The technology of the CGM meter varies from company to company. But the latest ones send the notifications alerts in the CGM app. The patients have to download and stay connected with the app.

The basic versions include a sensor, transmitter, and monitor. Locating the sensor on the belly areas, you can measure glucose levels in the body fluids. The transmitter connected to the sensor sends information to the monitor. It also gives continuous and accurate results. You may receive alerts when glucose levels reach a certain threshold. 

Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Glucose Monitoring In Houston & Sugar Land, Tx

CGM provides intricate details of basal insulin levels, post-meal glucose levels, insulin action curves, and effects of different exercises on blood glucose levels. Our continuous glucose monitoring service provides numerous benefits including:

  • Consistent monitoring of blood glucose helps people with type 1 diabetes and reduces the risk of hypoglycemia. 
  • Helps to regulate diet portions.
  • Enables visible trends of blood glucose levels and corresponds medications accordingly.
  • Accurate results and available throughout the day. 
  • Wireless connections and instant updates on phone apps. 
  • Accurate reading up to five-minute intervals. 

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